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Ending a marriage through divorce is very difficult emotionally, especially in cases that involve children and child custody issues. The attorneys at Beverly L. Vesel and Associates, P.A. will lead you through the entire divorce proceedings process with experience and understanding.

Having an experienced divorce lawyer is also imperative when attempting to amend existing support, establish paternity, write a pre-nuptial agreement, or visitation and custody orders. Beverly L. Vesel and Associates, P.A. prides itself in giving honest, easy-to-understand advice. We will take the time to listen to you and explain the issues in your divorce case in a way that allows you to understand the laws and make good decisions. We will work very closely with you to ensure the best positive result.

Obviously, it would be better to resolve a case by agreement than to have a trial in which a judge decides the outcome. People are more likely to honor a judgment which is based on their agreement than one which has been imposed on them by a judge. Voluntary observance is important because enforcement measures obtainable through the court are expensive and occasionally inadequate. For these reasons, at any time, even during trial -- the spouses and their lawyers are requested to try to negotiate a settlement.

If you and your spouse cannot settle your case, it will go to trial. At trial both you and your spouse will inform the judge of all accounts of why you feel there is no recourse other than complete dissolution of your marriage. This will be done through your testimony, the testimony of other witnesses, and documents which are called exhibits.

It is to be expected that trial will be expensive and unpleasant. However, it can be the only alternative to never-ending unreasonable settlement demands. Still, trials are risky. No lawyer can predict the outcome of a trial as each case is different. A judge, possibly with different values and viewpoints from yours tells you and your spouse how to rearrange your lives, divides your assets and income, and orders when you may see your children.

A trial does not have to end a case. Each individual may, within a limited period of time, appeal to a higher court. An appeal adds more time and expense to the divorce process and can be hard to win.

Alternative Dispute Resolutions are other options of resolving your case. You and your spouse may decide to choose mediation as an alternative than going to trial.

Mediation In Florida mediation is generally necessary if parties can't reach an agreement near the beginning of the process but still wish to avoid a conflict in court. The parties meet with an impartial certified mediator who has special training and qualifications. The purpose of mediation is to help the parties reach an agreement. It is important to have independent representation throughout the mediation process and during mediation.

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