Family/Marital Law

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We believe helping our clients to secure the earliest resolution to marital issues through negotiation, mediation, or if necessary, judicial involvement. We attempt to search for the least costly means to achieve such a resolution. If a case can be resolved without a trial by negotiation or mediation then we prepare a Marital Settlement Agreement that once signed by both parties, will be incorporated by the judge assigned to the client's case in the final decision. Your Marital Settlement Agreement becomes the order of the court.

Equitable Distribution of possessions is a process whereby the assets and liabilities that are accumulated and incurred during the marriage are divided between divorcing spouses. In complex cases, we employ professionals such as accountants and psychologists to assist us and to testify on your behalf. In connection to your children we also employ psychologists to assist us and testify for you.

All children need the involvement of both parents in their lives. We attempt to work out reasonable and workable visitation and time allocation preparations that are advantageous for the children as well as the parents.

We are ready and able to assist you with all marital litigation. Please take a few moments and complete our Contact Form. Describe in as much detail as possible your situation. We are ready to help and will reply in a timely manner.

We handle complex cases and when needed employ professionals such as Forensic accountants and psychologists to assist us and to testify on your behalf.

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