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Family/Marital Law
We believe helping our clients to secure the earliest resolution to marital issues through negotiation, mediation, or if necessary, judicial involvement. We attempt to search for the least costly means to achieve such a resolution. If a case can be resolved without a trial by negotiation or mediation then: Read Full Page
Support of Children, Parenting and Time Sharing
Your children may be your greatest assets. The thought of being denied the rights of continuing with every-day activities as they were before your divorce may be something you just can't fathom. Many questions arise in this subject and we will try to address some of them below. The court will view the custody, visitation: Read Full Page
Ending a marriage through divorce is very difficult emotionally, especially in cases that involve children and child custody issues. The attorneys at Beverly L. Vesel and Associates, P.A. will lead you through the entire divorce proceedings process with experience and understanding. Having an experienced divorce lawyer: Read Full Page
Determining paternity is a complicated and sensitive family law matter. The attorneys at the Law Office of Beverly L. Vesel and Associates, P.A., work with couples and individuals that need to legally establish paternity and need guidance from skilled and experienced family lawyers. The process of determining fatherhood can: Read Full Page
Prenuptial Agreements
Prenuptual agreements describe the rights, duties and obligations of prospective spouses during and upon termination of marriage. These contracts are often used by individuals who want to ensure the proper and organized disposition of their assets. Among the benefits that prenuptual agreements provide is avoidance of: Read Full Page
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